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Instrumented. Intelligent. Interconnected.

How we use data. How industries collaborate.
How we make a smarter planet.

For more than six years, companies, cities and communities around the world have been helping to build a Smarter Planet. We’ve seen enormous advances, as leaders have begun using the vast supply of data to transform their enterprises and institutions through big data and analytics, mobile technology, social business and the cloud.

With so much technology and networking available at such low cost, what wouldn’t you enhance? What wouldn’t you connect? What information wouldn’t you mine for insight? What service wouldn’t you provide a customer, a citizen, a student or a patient?

- “Conversations for a Smarter Planet: 1 in a Series,” IBM. 2008.

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty on how data, cloud, mobile and social technologies can help transform the next generation of business.

Data: the new natural resource

Executives have traditionally regarded experience and intuition as the keys to formulating strategy and assessing risk. That type of thinking may have worked in an earlier time of information scarcity — but not in the time of big data.

42% increase in machine-generated data of all data by 2020, up from 11% in 2005.

When every company, every city, every country — every individual — is increasingly interconnected with millions of others, the cost of a bad call can be devastating. But analytics is increasingly helping business and government leaders look beyond their own biases to discern real patterns and anticipate events.

Social: the new production line

Empower people. Understand people. Trust people.

In today’s knowledge economy, the exchange of ideas has become the new means of production. The advent of social and mobile technology is shifting employers’ competitive edge from hiring workers who gather knowledge to hiring workers who communicate it.

By 2020, because of the pervasive adoption of social technologies, new systems of people-centric engagement will be mainstream. Successful enterprises are now able to tap into shared insights, collective knowledge and expertise at the individual level to empower more meaningful engagement with both employees and customers.

Cloud: the new growth engine

Today’s cloud is about more than expanding reach. It’s about expanding possibility. Once, cloud was simply the tool you used to access your files from anywhere, and to make your operations more efficient. Today, it’s an incubator of ideas that can help you continually test, adjust and deploy new innovations more nimbly than ever before.

84% of companies are deploying or piloting cloud technology, or adopting it in the next 24 month.

With the convergence of mobile, social and analytics, organisations are discovering entirely new ways to engage with their customers, employees and partners. And with cloud, they’re doing it quickly, iteratively and with very little risk.

Mobile: the new office space

73% of leaders who implement a mobile strategy see measurable ROI.

The term “mobile” for business has evolved quickly. It no longer means a web site optimised for a smart phone. It means empowering your employees to be effective no matter where they are, while protecting your infrastructure. It means offering customers a way to do business with you anytime and anywhere. And it means launching new business models based on the computer that most people carry in their pocket.