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Featured products case studies

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European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS) delivers smarter systems of systems
See how Rational requirements engineering and enterprise architecture are helping EADS deliver systems of systems with faster time to market, lower risk and higher quality.


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Eaton Corporation and UPS: Eaton develops smarter, more fuel-efficient systems
See how Rational Rhapsody, DOORS, ClearCase and ClearQuest are helping Eaton reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in UPS delivery vehicles with the world's first hydraulic hybrid delivery vehicle.

Brockwell Technologies uses predictive modelling for higher-quality weapons systems
IBM Rational Rhapsody helps improve reliability and safety and decreases time to market by 40 percent.

Diagnostic Grifols increases flexibility and compliance
IBM Rational solutions help the medical-device provider connect all development stages more effectively and improve collaboration among its teams.


Featured services case studies

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Data feeds fans' grand slam passions
IBM is using data to create a better fan experience for the tennis and golf grand slams.

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Protecting products and patients at GSMS
IBM’s track-and-trace solution puts GSMS ahead of the curve in pharmaceutical serialisation.

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Enterprise asset management for utilities
Sam Gibson of Northern Ireland Electricity speaks about using Maximo to manage substation assets to 750 million customers.

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Sweden's capital gains?
Gunnar Johansson of IBM and Sylvia Rydstrom, of ÖstgötaTrafiken, gauge the impact of automated ticketing methods on public transport in Stockholm.