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The new customer feedback: data collected by smarter electronics

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Every time someone uses a smart device, they have the potential to be an active participant in its manufacturer's strategic planning and product-development process. On a smart phone, the operating system catches data with each tap of the screen. Same with every other piece of "smart" electronics that we interact with, from climate-control systems to industrial equipment.

As electronics become more connected — to the Internet, to other electronics, to our daily lives — the data they collect with every use flows into one of the most valuable resources many companies have … and often fail to exploit, even in times of tightening budgets and shorter product life cycles.

Leading companies see this collected data as a direct form of customer feedback. Capturing and analysing the data, and applying the findings to create more intuitive and relevant products and services, can help a company gain competitive advantage, provide unique customer experiences, and build a dynamic value chain.




Featured case studies

BodyMedia uses analytics to deliver more personal, useful output from its wearable health monitors.

Macronix increases process capability and removed the human-error factor from equipment contamination.

National Instruments improves sales efforts and enhances customers’ online experiences through powerful data analysis.

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Invensys Rail Dimetronic works with IBM to provide smarter, safer signalling technology for high-speed rail.

Ricoh adopts a centralised IT asset management system that lowered costs and reduced energy use.


Featured solutions

IBM offers solutions for each stage of electronics development, manufacturing and distribution. From enterprise resource management to supply chain management systems, these solutions help enhance product development and increase customer intimacy.