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Your reputation is tied to revenue. Your risk is tied to resilience.

What is the cost? -21%. The true price of reputational harm. The economic value of a company’s reputation declines an average of 21% as a result of a breach of customer data. Source: “Reputation Impact of a Data Breach: US Study of Executives & Managers,” sponsored by Experian® Data Breach Resolution Ponemon Institute, November 2011.

The next disruption to your enterprise isn’t a matter of “if” but “when.” In 2012, it was estimated that US$140 billion in economic losses were caused by natural catastrophes and man-made disasters. That year, the top five most expensive disasters all occurred in the US. And each of those has worldwide repercussions to the marketplace.

Resiliency is your company’s ability to protect people, assets, data and technology through proactive measures that help mitigate risk. But it’s more than just natural disasters.

Reputational damage caused by IT failures such as data breaches, systems failures and data loss now has a price tag. According to analyses performed by the Ponemon Institute, the economic value of a company’s reputation declines an average of 21 percent as a result of an IT breach of customer data — or the equivalent of an average of US $332 million.

The question is not whether IT risks affect your corporate reputation, but what you can do to effectively prevent and mitigate these risks.The ability to withstand and recover is the ultimate competitive advantage: survive disruptions that your competitors cannot.

More than 600 executive in 23 industries across the globe who took part in the IBM Global Reputational Risk and IT Study agree: managing reputational risk is crucial to their business, and managing IT risk is a major part of their efforts.

What can you do to protect your reputation from IT risks? Read the 2013 report to learn:

Six keys to effective reputational and IT risk management

How to manage reputational and IT risk to protect and enhance brand value and competitive standing

Is your reputation at risk?

Find out how your organisation compares to companies with “excellent” reputations.

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Rate your resiliency

Where is your enterprise vulnerable? Do your risk management activities consist of reacting to today's threats, or do you take a proactive approach that can actually help you better manage risk for the business?

Get an accurate picture of your company's stance on risk and resilience with the Business Continuity Index from IBM. The tool provides a set of 25 questions that delivers an overall score for your risk maturity - then goes the next step with recommendations for improvement. Share your results within your organisation.


The power of cloud for resiliency and recovery

Protecting business-critical data, applications and operations against downtime and disruptions is crucial for organisations. IBM offers cloud-based services that help keep data secure and available and enable rapid recovery - at lower costs.

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Leveraging the cloud for business resilience
Cloud computing improves system and data backup, archive and recovery operations
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Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Barriers and Drivers In the Enterprise
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