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Smarter Money

Banking Technology – The way our planet manages its money needs to get a whole lot smarter - and now it can.

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New challenges and new opportunities for financial services

Financial organisations around the world are looking ahead. New challenges and new obstacles loom large, but as the global economy evolves, many new opportunities present themselves.

But first, the challenges. They include a host of new regulations aimed at reducing risks in the system; increasing capital reserves; growing revenue in recession-wrecked economies of mature markets; competing and partnering with non-traditional players; rebuilding trust across the global financial system; and, finally, competing to attract and retain increasingly demanding customers. Just to name a few.

With that in mind, the opportunities are there for those who want to change the conversation from one about problems to one about possibilities. The global economy is expected to show a growth rate of 5.8% compounded over the next 15 years. Global assets are expected to quadruple within the same time frame to $1,264 trillion1 and 2.5 billion unbanked or under-banked people worldwide constitute a large untapped customer pool.

Smarter retail banking. Watch the video.Smarter retail banking. Watch the video.

Smarter retail banking
The banking industry has to fundamentally reorient their business models, by moving from product-centric silos to customer-centric strategies. See how it's done. Watch the video. (00:05:22)

Social business in Financial Services

Watch the video.

Chief Financial Officer videos

Finance efficiency and business insight are more than just buzzwords. Watch interviews with top CFOs around the globe pertaining to lessons learned and essential study findings.

Efficient, transparent, agile - Achieving the characteristics needed for success in UK banking

Successful banks will find a cost effective way to run their business that enables them to be operationally efficient, while being adaptable to external pressures and flexible to enable innovation. The business process characteristics of efficiency, transparency and agility are within closer reach today than they have ever been.

Business Agility - The key to sustainable success?

The ability to sense and respond in a timely way to changes in business conditions implies a "design for continuous change" philosophy. An emerging set of ideas, tools and concepts should help to make this a reality.

The Customer-activated Enterprise

Read how 4,183 C-Level leaders in 70 countries view the world, their priorities and how they are preparing for the future.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail: An approach to IT resilience

Resilience can often be classed among the non-functional requirements which, experience shows, tend to be given less focus than functional requirements. Yet a proper resilience approach is the true guarantee of functional performance.

Security intelligence in financial services - the argument

Is strong security even possible in a hyper-connected era? IBM holds that the answer is firmly ‘yes’, but that it requires fundamental changes in processes and practice right across the financial services enterprise – and that it is not just all about information technology.

Smarter Mortgage Workforce - the argument

The only thing that can restore trust in the financial industry is for institutions to display “exemplary behaviour”, according to Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England who was speaking with a group of bankers at the World Economic Forum in Davos, recently.

Performance and front office digitisation

This paper is a plea for performance engineering to be the at the heart of each front office digitisation project, so that when you go live all you get is praise for your new functionality and ‘the sound of silence’ on the way it performs.

Rebuilding Customer Trust in Retail Banking

The message is simple: Trust has been lost and the digital world is here. Successful relationships with customers in the digital world are high-trust relationships. It is time for bankers to rebuild trust at the same time as developing all the communications and analytical advantages of digital technology.

Reputational risk and IT in the banking industry

See how security and business continuity can shape the reputation and value of your company.

How IBM can help

1 or 1.264 quadrillion - Economist Business Unit estimate, IBM Institute for Business Value