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Smart Traffic

How we get from point A today to point B tomorrow

Solutions for more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent systems

Integrated fare management for transportation

Public transportation agencies are challenged to find ways to increase convenience, improve the travel experience and lower costs. Integrated fare management from IBM can help achieve these goals with an automated revenue collection system that uses smart cards to pay for railways, subways, buses and even parking garages.

Intelligent transportation

Intelligent transportation solutions from IBM can help reduce traffic congestion and proactively manage traffic conditions.

IBM Traffic Prediction Tool

The IBM® Traffic Prediction Tool uses historical and current, real-time traffic data to anticipate future trends. This can help traffic controllers anticipate congestion and institute ways to better control it. Make traffic and public transit systems flow more smoothly. Deliver more capacity to meet growing demand.


Financing a Smarter Planet

Total financing for next-generation innovation


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