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Apply Smarter Analytics to your industry

Every industry has its own particular challenges. Manufacturers need to optimize the supply chain. Retailers need to build customer loyalty. Communications service providers need to minimize customer churn. New issues arise as established markets evolve, new markets emerge, and economic conditions and regulatory laws change. Smarter Analytics provides access to IBM experts who have deep experience in your industry, broad knowledge of the trends in today’s globally interconnected markets, and a track record in applying analytics to achieve breakthrough results.

Improve your customer experiences, internal response times and advisory services with real business insights.

Chemicals and petroleum
Better manage regulatory interactions, manage workforce dynamics and cultivate global relationships.

Get a clearer understanding of customer behavior for new product, service and bundle designs.

Consumer products
Use trusted information and business analytics tools to better manage your business in the face of growing complexity.

Increase focus on your product information life cycle management with an aggregated view of enterprise information.


Energy and utilities
Exploit customer, network and operational information as a strategic resource with business analytics tools.

Respond to forces of change and take better advantage of insights to manage expectations for services and results.

Use information and apply business analytics to enhance patient care and streamline overall operations.

Use information and customer analytics to be more competitive, attract new customers and inspire loyalty.

Transform the way you put products on shelves, and market to and engage customers, using business insights.



A Tactical Guide to Smarter Analytics

Featuring Research from Gartner Strategic Roadmap for Analytics