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Smarter Government

From the local town council to
international collaborations, new
ways of working are underway.

Governments all over the planet, are facing an imperative to address significant global economic, social and environmental demands. With that, comes opportunity for governments to think and act in new ways. Greater collaboration, increased information awareness and smarter decision making are just the beginning. Let's work together to drive real progress and to explore the possibilities of a smarter planet.

Solutions for more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent systems


As we collectively deal with the current economic climate, industries are rethinking their strategies and priorities. As an approved government contract IT supplier, IBM has extensive experience in helping local government organisations address their most critical IT and business challenges. Our dedicated team of industry experts understand the complexity of the issues you face and can help you find local government IT solutions that make the most of the investments you’ve already made, save costs and deliver better services to your constituents.


State governments need to improve operations and cost controls while enhancing the services citizens need and expect. IBM can partner with State Government to enhance public safety and justice; support education, social services and health care improvements; integrate and align tax revenue management; enhance emergency services; collaborate and share information across government agencies, ministries and suppliers and improve existing infrastructure and systems to create a smarter planet.


Constant pressure on budgets. Rising energy costs. Environmental concerns. Changing demographics. Evolving constituent needs in education, healthcare and pensions. Global terrorism threats forcing additional expenditures for national security. No matter what your department, you're challenged to do more with less. To this end, you must do things differently. Innovate and collaborate in order to meet your mission and accomplish the tasks set before you. IBM can help your agency transform itself to address today's challenges and plan for the future. From business process consulting to implementing the IT solution that makes the most sense.


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Anita Malhotra

Anita Malhotra

Industry Leadership - Business Development Specialist

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