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Grow, retain and satisfy customers

IBM Smarter Analytics provides a universal view of each customer to help you grow your customer base, retain your most profitable customers, and increase satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer confidence is waning in many consumer-focused industries. Customers want more control over their personal information, but they also expect more personalised, high-value products and services. And they don’t hesitate sharing their opinions of organisations and brands through a variety of social media channels. According to the 2011 IBM Global CMO Study (US), the number one priority for chief marketing officers (CMOs) is to enhance customer loyalty. To achieve this goal, organisations need deeper customer analysis, which leads to better customer insight.


Increase customer loyalty with every interaction

Understand your customers

  • Analyse unstructured content trapped in various business documents.

  • Track, monitor, analyse and influence customer sentiment.

  • Anticipate customer needs and desires.

  • Better understand customer triggers that lead to purchase decisions.

Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • Intelligently route customers to the correct sales or customer service representative.

  • Deliver actionable insight at the point of customer interaction.

  • Make more customer-centric decisions.

  • Take advantage of social and internal data to promote loyalty and advocacy.

Improve offer relevance

  • Learn which products and features your customers are most likely to buy.

  • Identify your best prospects

  • Target them with the right message using the right channel at the right time.

Increase customer retention

  • Identify potential customer issues before they arise.

  • Provide personalised and proactive customer service.

  • Identify the warning signs of customer turnover.

Increase customer profitability

  • Beat your competition to market with winning products.

  • Focus your offers on your most profitable customers.

  • Optimise your marketing return on investment (ROI).