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Smarter Cities

The insight to identify, transform and progress

Changing conventions: city leaders
Moving beyond policy-based decisions to reshape cities with insights gained from data

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Infrastructure. Operations. People.

What makes a city? The answer, of course, is all three. A city is an interconnected system of systems. A dynamic work in progress, with progress as its watchword. A tripod that relies on strong support for and among each of its pillars, to become a smarter city for all.

Smarter cities drive sustainable economic growth and prosperity for their citizens. Their leaders have the tools to analyze data for better decisions, anticipate problems to resolve them proactively and coordinate resources to operate effectively.

As demands grow and budgets tighten, solutions also have to be smarter, and address the city as a whole. By collecting and analyzing the extensive data generated every second of every day, tools such as the IBM Intelligent Operations Center (US) coordinate and share data in a single view creating the big picture for the decision makers and responders who support the smarter city.

Smarter buildings and urban planning

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Government and agency administration

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Planning and management

  • Long-term insights based on comprehensive data analysis, followed up through efficient daily management, help a city stay vital and safe for its citizens and businesses. Learn more about planning and management solutions for smarter cities.


  • Fundamental services—such as roadways, mass transit and utilities—make a city desirable and livable, but the key to keeping them viable is readiness for constant change. Learn more about infrastructure solutions for smarter cities.


  • Smarter cities use the system of systems to their advantage when supporting the needs of each citizen through social programs, healthcare and education. Learn more about human services solutions for smarter cities.


Innovative cities

Working with forward-thinking cities like Rio, and more than 2,000 other smarter cities projects around the world, IBM is able to help make cities of the future smarter.

Rio de Janeiro is transforming its emergency response system to prepare to host the World Cup and Olympics.

Dubuque experiences a significant reduction in water consumption when it engages IBM Research, IBM Business Partner Esri in a Smarter Cities Sustainability project.

A cloud-based, meter-driven portal helps Dubuque residents save money and resources with better utility-usage information.

The city of Honolulu and IBM are transforming how citizens interact with government.

In Hawaii, the City and County of Honolulu took its IT systems to the next level to better serve its citizens and employees.


Smarter Cities Forum: Rio
Senior government and business leaders discussed how to encourage economic development, modernize infrastructures and create a new urban model.

City Forward
In one site, you can share data, examine the analysis and discuss the challenges of cities—yours or around the world—with people who share your interest.

Smarter Cities Challenge

Smarter Cities Challenge
Over three years, the Smarter Cities Challenge is helping 100 cities worldwide address vital issues with US$50 million worth of IBM technology and expertise.


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