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Smarter Cities

Safe neighborhoods. Quality schools.
Affordable housing. Traffic that flows.
It's all possible.

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In Stockholm, Sweden, citizens voted for a fee-based congestion pricing program that reduced rush hour traffic by 18%. In Madrid, a smarter public safety system coordinates the resources of the police, fire, highway, hotline and ambulance units through one central headquarters, for integrated, faster responses to emergencies. Amsterdam is piloting smart meters, putting the control of energy usage into the hands of consumers. Around the world, cities are getting smarter about the way they manage their daily lives.

The systems that are critical to modern civilization—transportation, water, power, education, healthcare, governance—converge in our cities, which are fast becoming the centers of population. By 2050, 70% of the world's citizens will be living in urban areas.

Many of these systems are already instrumented, producing streams of data—but now we have the ability to interconnect the systems. We have the analytics, deep computing and visualization capabilities to capture and interpret this data so that we can make smarter decisions about how we manage our resources.

Cities around the world are getting smarter….starting in different places, advancing at different rates. Take a look.

Before cities got smart. Exhibition.


Ideas for Smarter Cities
Two centuries ago, the planet had just two concentrations of a million or more people: London and Beijing. Today, there are 450 such shining cities—the economic, governmental, cultural and technological power plants of a global urban age. Our future depends on keeping them running and growing brightly.

Five Qs for Smarter Cities
By 2050, 70% of the world will live in cities. IBM's general manager for the public sector explains why IBM is focused on cities and what we can do to make them sustainable centers for progress.

The Next 5 in 5
5 innovations to change our cities in the next 5 years.


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