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Supply chain visibility solution for electronics

The challenge

Use insight to make better decisions faster

Many global electronics companies face a dilemma: how to closely control operational execution across a geographically dispersed supply chain. Being competitive in today's economy requires competing on a global level, thus building extended supply chains with a large number of suppliers and customers. However, in the face of increased complexity, very few companies possess the tools to monitor their extended supply chains, proactively analyze exceptions and make appropriate course corrections. More than ever, today's supply chains need to get smarter and leverage the terabytes of information at their disposal to optimize their planning decisions and reduce exposure to risks.


The solution

Improve visibility and coordination throughout your business

The supply chain visibility solution from IBM can help your electronics organization become more instrumented by leveraging advanced sensors and tracking and tracing technologies to provide a constant stream of rich data that enables smart decision making across the entire supply chain.

Take advantage of collaboration standards and visibility tools to become interconnected with your supply chain partners. Interconnectedness also allows for dynamic event management and exception handling so your organization can concurrently optimize operations.

In addition, your business can use the intelligence generated through the supply chain to predict and dynamically react to changes with advanced algorithms and analytics. Quickly evaluate numerous scenarios looking for optimal setups that maximize customer service while minimizing costs.


The benefits

Achieve flexibility by integrating processes and systems

The supply chain visibility solution for electronics can help you: