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Smarter Money

Ones and zeroes can help the world be smarter about dollars and cents

IBM Business Analytics for banking

The challenge

Data rich, information poor

Reduced credit availability. Falling demand. Earnings pressure. Currency volatility. There's no doubt that today's economic conditions have sparked a range of challenges for banks, including compromised cash flows, difficulty managing risk and compliance, and declining sales, revenues and profits.

Banks are also drowning in data. Only 11% of our money is in hard currency. The rest is digital, intangible information. Banks need smarter systems to manage the flow of information around the planet. The way to increased profitability lies in better decision-making—by aligning all data an organization collects and making sure it is accurate, timely, in context and available to all who need it.


The solution

Smarter banking analytics

While many banks have struggled, ones that have implemented smarter systems and improved their insight into risk, customer profitability, satisfaction and loyalty and operational efficiencies are positioned to thrive.

IBM® Business Analytics deliver complete, consistent and accurate information that decision-makers trust to improve business performance. A comprehensive portfolio of business intelligence, advanced analytics, financial performance management and analytic applications gives you clear, immediate and actionable insights into current performance and the ability to predict future outcomes.

IBM Business Analytics provide banks with a faster, more effective ways to bring all the data collected across the organization into an interconnected and instrumented system for decision-making. By connecting all departments, along with data from customers, external agencies, and markets, IBM Business Analytics help banks build an intelligent system for managing and strengthening opportunities for profitability.


The benefits

Deep insight and improved performance

By unlocking data captured in operational and financial systems and coupling it with the right capabilities, banks can outperform in areas such as:


The specifics

IBM Business Analytics

With IBM Business Analytics, banks can implement a complete framework or pick and choose the products that best suit their business requirements, budget or existing systems. These products include:

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