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Smarter Cities

Safe neighborhoods. Quality schools.
Affordable housing. Traffic that flows.
It's all possible.

Solutions for more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent systems

City managment services

As cities grow and expand their services, the management and governance across the city becomes increasingly complex. Through better information sharing, among agencies and with the public, city leaders can line up priorities and resources more effectively, and better transparency and visibility can help increase public trust.

Infrastructure services

Cities consume 75 percent of the world's energy, drivers spend the equivalent of five days a year in traffic, and infrastructure leaks waste millions of gallons of water each day. IBM offers solutions that can reduce expenses by optimizing infrastructure processes, and increase sustainability by reducing waste and consumption.

Human services

Budget crunches, lack of communication among agencies, fraud, and risk and compliance issues are just some of the challenges city governments face. IBM solutions use analytics and other technologies to help personalize programs, customize learning and optimize resource allocations for social services, citizen health and education.