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Baggage management for travel and transportation

The challenge

Build customer loyalty with smarter baggage management

Your travelers are looking for a fast and efficient check-in at departure, short transfer times, no missing bags and reduced waiting times at reclaim. Customers prefer to connect at an airport with a reliable bag transfer service. Your organization needs optimized baggage and resource planning, shorter turnaround times, excellent process and resource control, and accurate management information to enable an exceptional baggage handling operation. Better baggage management can also mean lower irregularity numbers and related costs. Smarter baggage handling means providing an optimized, efficient, highly reliable baggage handling system that can translate into more loyal travelers—IBM can help.


The solution

An end-to-end baggage solution

We can help you manage baggage handling as an end-to-end process to control and track baggage from the time it leaves the passenger until the passenger claims it at his or her destination. The baggage management solution for travel and transportation from IBM uses radio frequency identification (RFID) as the underlying technology that enables, in conjunction with traditional bar coding techniques, the track and trace of baggage to improve irregularity report (IR) rates. Our solution can help you to determine if the bag is being transported correctly. If events impact baggage handling capacity, decision support capabilities are available to help you to intervene correctly—for example ejecting it to an emergency chute for urgent handling.

The baggage management solution from IBM is designed to enable collaborative and integrated management of baggage handling through a robust infrastructure, built on service oriented architecture (SOA), and full track and trace (RFID, 1D/2D bar code, legacy systems), independent of the sensor technology chosen. This enables collaboration across all parties involved in the bag handling process, including airlines, airport authorities and ground handlers. Also, our solution can be integrated with virtually any electro-mechanical baggage transportation system consisting of conveyor belts, race tracks, early bag storage buffers and sorters, reducing the complexity of a variety of high-level control systems at larger airports.


The benefits

A solution to fit your needs and goals

At IBM, we can help you optimize baggage management with projects ranging from consultation to a complete system implementation. Our solutions can help make it possible to:

  • Reduce the number of mishandled bags.
  • Respond to increasing passenger traffic and baggage volume.
  • Address the limited flexibility of mechanized baggage handling systems.
  • Improve operational efficiency through end-to-end bag handling process management and visualization (from on-blocks to off-blocks across multiple hubs).
  • Deliver the right bag to the right place at the right time.
  • Facilitate process improvements, while analytics capabilities enable information-led business transformation.


The specifics

The technology to optimize baggage handling

Baggage management for travel and transportation from IBM is a comprehensive solution, designed to be integrated with both the airline and airport operational systems. We can expand on existing systems by adding modules, or we can replace your existing system with a completely new one. We can also help you implement new or improved baggage handling processes and organizational models. Our systems may be based on IBM software and technologies or those of our IBM® Business Partners. In general, we use:

  • Java™ J2EE™ application development environment.
  • IBM WebSphere® software for integration of applications and processes.
  • IBM Rational® software for business application, embedded system and software product development.
  • IBM Tivoli® software for application performance and availability management.
  • IBM Maximo® software for improved asset management.
  • IBM ILOG® products for optimized planning concepts.
  • IBM AIX® platform, an industry-leading UNIX® operating system.



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