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Customer self-service solutions for airlines and airports from IBM

The challenge

Deliver on passenger preferences

When it comes to self-service options in the airline industry, passengers are most interested in convenience, choice and efficiency, while airlines need to focus on cost efficiency, dependability and function-rich solutions. Customer self-service solutions for airlines and airports from IBM can help airlines deliver on the demands of passengers and achieve their business goals by offering smarter options for the check-in process. The solution allows airlines to enable multiple points of customer contact—kiosks, the web and mobile devices—to provide flexible check-in services to passengers and streamline operations.


The solution

Smarter check-in takes flight

Customer self-service solutions for airlines and airports enable check-in access for passengers from instrumented kiosks, websites and mobile devices. All of these channels provide common check-in services such as passenger identification, flight information, baggage handling, seat changes and issuing of boarding passes. The solution then interconnects each channel with back-end departure and reservations systems using a single, central business logic layer called Common Travel Services (CTS).

CTS provides the communication interface, message translation and business logic processing between the check-in applications and the airline's host sever to integrate the data gathered from the different channels. By enabling and integrating multiple check-in channels, airlines can provide innovative and intelligent check-in options that can improve the traveling experience and generate the business efficiencies airlines need in this very competitive industry.


The benefits

First-class opportunities

Fleet In addition to the operational benefits the solution provides, airlines that leverage multiple points of customer contact can:


The specifics

Ready for the runway

Customer self-service solutions for airlines and airports consist of ready-to-deploy modules that are delivered at a reduced cost and schedule compared to a custom approach. The solutions are designed to provide the functionality that airlines need with both essential and configurable check-in components. These modules include:



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