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Partnering to build Smarter Cities

24 Dec 2010

Guest post by Sreenath Venkatesan, Vice President, Smarter Planet Solutions, IBM India/South Asia. Smarter cities are seeing value in partnering with technology companies with proven ability and experience.......

Building Smarter Cities

13 Dec 2010

When you think of the world’s smartest cities, London, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney, Kitakyushu and others might come to mind for their innovative projects to reduce traffic, energy and waste. Read the post by Guruduth Banavar, Chief Technology Officer, Smarter Cities, IBM

Intelligent Transport Systems for Smarter Cities

6 Dec 2010

Guest post by Frank Binnekade and Rajesh Subramanian, IBM experts supporting the travel and transportation industry in South Asia. Getting caught in a traffic jam often brings out the worst .........

Optimising Infrastructure in Urban India

28 Nov 2010

Guest post by Dr. Manish Gupta, Chief Technologist, IBM India/South Asia and Director, IBM Research – India.....

IBM’s Smarter Cities Challenge: A Chance for Cities to Re-envision their Futures

9 Nov 2010

Click here to view the embedded video. The city is making a comeback. In the United States it seemed…

Emerging Countries Leapfrogging to Energy and Smart Grid Security?

4 Nov 2010

Editor’s Note: Following is a post from Andy Bochman, a smart grid security expert from IBM, and a new…

The Art of the Serious Game: How IBM’s CityOne Can Help Cities Solve Problems

4 Oct 2010

Game fanatics have been enjoying simulation games ever since SimCity was first introduced in 1989, and electronic games are…