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Welcome to the era of the Chief Executive Customer

Today's customer has as much information about a company as a company knows about the customer. But this technology-enabled transparency can work both ways. The challenge and opportunity of this transparency is one that many CMOs and CIOs are exploring today to collaborate and leverage upon.

In cognizance of this, IBM is hosting a series of discussions across the globe with some of the world’s best marketing and technology pairs at a first-of-its-kind CMO+CIO Leadership Symposium. The symposium is the 3rd edition after successful dialogues in New York & Paris. More than 100 CMOs and CIOs from leading Indian companies will come together to discuss and jointly examine the new leadership requirements, sophisticated solutions and relationships that will shape the new age of marketing.

A way to do Smarter Marketing.

Areas to collaborate on:

CIO focus over the next5 years.CMO focus over the next5 years

Why Attend:

Date: November 8, 2012

Venue: Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon

Leadership Symposium

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The Future of Marketing

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