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Empowered customers drive collborative business evolution. Download the study.

It all starts with the customer

In business, this has always been true. But now a new breed of customer is dictating a new set of terms in the dynamic between buyers and sellers.

Customers approach a sale empowered by technology and transparency, with more extensive information from more sources than ever before. They expect to engage with companies when and how they want, in person, online and on the go. And they want these methods to tie together seamlessly.

The smarter commerce opportunity
Smarter commerce (PDF, 816KB) recognizes that the sale is just one aspect of the experience. As with traditional commerce, the customer is at the center of all operations. Smarter commerce turns customer insight into action, enabling new business processes that help companies buy, market, sell and service their products and services.


Buy. Adaptive procurement and optimized supply chain.

Buy: expanding the procurement view
Optimize supplier and partner interactions based on changes in demand and customer behavior throughout the value chain. Reconsider partner roles and relationships to generate new and differentiating customer value.

Market. Targeted and personalzied marketing across all channels.

Market: personalizing the message
Apply deep customer insights and behaviors from both online and offline channels. Deliver personalized, timely communications, pricing and experiences, from mobile and web to email and social networking.

Sell. Seamless cross-channel customer experience.

Sell: going where the customer is
Empower customers and partners to purchase, shop, exchange information and fulfill orders as they choose, using human, digital, social, and mobile modes optimized according to their preferences.

Service. Anticipating behavior and delivering flawless customer service.

Service: a winning follow-through
Provide flawless customer service in all customer interactions, anticipate customer behavior, and take action to keep them.