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Smart Grid

A smarter grid is transparent, accessible, resilient. And optimized from the user on up.

The IBM Solution Architecture for Energy and Utilities Framework

The challenge

Turn on smart grid technology

The world is ready for more intelligent, dynamic energy networks, offering transparency and automation to optimize performance, security and energy use. IBM has developed a rich portfolio of solutions for utility business transformation connected through a powerful software platform—the IBM Solution Architecture for Energy and Utilities Framework (SAFE). Our framework provides network visibility and control, process automation and business collaboration for solutions across your energy value chain. IBM SAFE enables solutions that increase your business intelligence and insight.


The solution

Use business insight to thrive in an interconnected world

Focus on your core business processes and strategic initiatives with the IBM Solution Architecture for Energy and Utilities Framework (SAFE). Integrate, manage and optimize utility systems for more instrumented operations, collecting data from assets, devices, networks, servers and applications. The framework approach interconnects IT and line-of-business management to collaborate on technology solutions. Our framework allows you to move at your own pace to add network capabilities and integrate the applications of your choice—including legacy systems. The resulting intelligent infrastructure provides visibility and control, supporting both process automation and an information infrastructure.


The benefits

A framework for success

Our framework approach can help you work smarter by focusing on value, exploiting new opportunities and acting with speed. IBM SAFE helps establish the foundation to:



The specifics

Accelerate solutions for smarter energy

By enabling business and IT collaboration, IBM SAFE can help address solutions across key business areas, including: