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Smart Grid

A smarter grid is transparent, accessible, resilient. And optimized from the user on up.

Power generation optimization

The challenge

A new generation of challenges

Today's power generation companies face fundamental changes in how they build and operate assets. Energy demands continue to strain the fuel supply. Carbon emissions are growing. Emerging economies are meeting energy needs with conventional plants, while developed nations face pressure to construct cleaner power facilities. Global interest therefore focuses on new nuclear generation, extended use of existing nuclear plants, clean coal plant construction, and renewable and distributed energy.


The solution

Knowledge is power

Our power generation optimization solutions can help you improve the design, construction, supply, safety and operation of your power plants. We begin by gathering comprehensive data with digital sensors and advanced communication networks, then analyze it with sophisticated applications.

The resulting information is interconnected throughout your company—made available in near real time to the right people and processes through our world-class delivery platform based on service oriented architecture (SOA). Both highly cohesive and loosely coupled, the applications promote collaboration and extend your current investment in applications, systems and infrastructure.

Our advanced solutions are designed to turn information into insight. Let IBM help you re-visualize and optimize plant operations. Improve planning to expand supply. Understand better how the complexities of nuclear, clean coal and other advanced generation technologies will affect your business. And improve regulatory compliance and policy effectiveness through more timely and accurate operational reporting.


The benefits

Fuel more efficient operations

IBM's solutions and consulting services—spanning nuclear, fossil and renewable sectors—can help you:


The specifics

Power tools

Our asset data and lifecycle management solutions can address virtually all areas of operations. They include: