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Smart Grid

A smarter grid is transparent, accessible, resilient. And optimized from the user on up.

Asset Performance Management from IBM

The challenge

Inefficient asset performance

Your generation company must deliver reliable and cost-effective electricity to meet growing consumer demands while managing capital and operating investments. Profitable operations require optimized efficiency of electricity production and reduced expenses. These variables can be complicated and have expensive trade-off decisions. Also, environmental regulations and supply variability can challenge efficiency, reliability, flexibility and agility in asset performance.


The solution

Reliable performance management

Asset Performance Management from IBM can provide a comprehensive and unified view of equipment, plant and fleet performance, considering asset health, operational efficiency, energy usage, emissions and maintenance. Using advanced analytics and business intelligence tools, it helps you gain a better understanding of generation fleet performance and its operational value. By integrating asset management, predictive analytics and key performance indicator (KPI) visualizations, this offering can help you make more informed decisions for unit-based generation load dispatch, maintenance and operations from a fleetwide perspective.

Our offering helps you improve the efficiency and reliability of your assets through detailed analysis of the trade-off between maintenance strategies and operations—this can help you better understand the dynamics that affect the performance of your plant and equipment and gain a more in-depth understanding of the factors that drive asset efficiency and performance. We can help you aggregate, share and compare performance data at the plant or fleet level by integrating asset performance management and IT systems.


The benefits

Performance optimization

Our asset performance management solution can integrate asset performance analysis, equipment health prediction and maintenance execution to help reduce operational risks and unplanned outages. An in-depth analysis of assets, unifying and correlating data from plant performance systems, provides an integrated platform for actionable insights across virtually all asset performance management functions and enables more informed decision making through fleetwide visibility and analysis.


The specifics

Advanced visualization and analytics

Significant features of our asset performance management solution are:

  • Combined view of asset health and performance - predictive indications and equipment key performance indicators
  • Better access to equipment work and maintenance history, supporting information (manuals, drawings and vendor sheets) and instrumentation data using one, unified view
  • Advanced visualization and analytics capabilities for detailed assessments of asset performance characteristics
  • Analytical decision support systems including optimizers that can suggest optimized operations and maintenance processes based on the insights and assessments generated
  • Asset Performance Management functions - fuel, performance, energy, emissions, equipment condition and enterprise asset management