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Smart Grid

A smarter grid is transparent, accessible, resilient. And optimized from the user on up.

Intelligent plant lifecycle management for energy and utilities

The challenge

Plug into the power of your data

The utilities industry is asset intensive, so the cost of running, maintaining and optimizing your holdings is significant. Whether you’re building a new plant or modifying an existing one, valid and up-to-date information is one of your most valuable assets. The intelligent plant lifecycle management solution for energy and utilities from IBM can help you manage and integrate powerful data across your facility with advanced computing and simulation to optimize construction and operations from design to decommissioning.


The solution

Put your data to work

Our solution gathers information throughout your plant with data extraction and transformation tools, from sources that include the reactor, piping, structural framing, equipment arrangement and electrical analysis.

Our analytical reporting platforms then help you manage and integrate the data to support construction, operations, financial reporting, training and compliance. We can help reduce your initial investment in new plants by streamlining design and start-up, and by pre-populating management of enterprise assets and electronic documents with the most accurate data. For existing plants, we can help ensure that valid as-built information is available to extend the life of your assets.

Both new and existing facilities can benefit from our “input once, use many times” capacity, which standardizes the use of design and build data. Better data use can help modernize asset management, electronic document management, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other critical business applications. We can also establish processes and reporting for re-licensing and IT upgrade. And our data-driven advanced simulations can reduce plant operation risks and downtime.


The benefits

Information is power

Integrating data across your plant can help you:


The specifics

Powerful tools

The intelligent plant lifecycle management solution offers market-leading IBM hardware, software, middleware and services tailored to your specific needs. Components can include: