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Corporate brand and reputation analysis for consumer products and retail

The challenge

Catch the buzz

Consumer-oriented companies know the importance of brand stewardship—and how easily brands can be tarnished. Historically, companies tracked brand mentions and awareness with news wire services. But consumer-generated media—blogs, message boards, Twitter and news groups—now sway public opinion at the speed of thought. IBM can help you monitor the electronic grapevine to derive actionable insights that support product development and communications, and avoid risks.


The solution

Be a fly on the Internet's wall

Our solution—corporate brand and reputation analysis (COBRA) for consumer products and retail from IBM—is a proven, automated way to monitor, assess, report on and respond to what social media users are saying about you and your competitors. COBRA uses advanced text and data analytics to collect, filter and interpret massive online content—words or phrases you worry about when they appear online—as well as your own internal corporate information. Its interactive dashboards are designed to interpret metrics such as buzz and sentiment.

The solution then uses the collected data to develop models that identify posts about your brand, issues and competitors, and generate daily alerts about your brand's reputation. You can choose the topics to monitor, the type of alerts you need and an approach to trends and patterns that can help identify competitive opportunities. The models also target emerging words that can indicate significant events, based on frequency of occurrence, to help you see and predict key developments.

Our goal is to help you derive timely, actionable insights on customers, the market and your enterprise—to support product development, marketing, communications and your response to risk and compliance issues.


The benefits

Learn from your customers—and your competitors' customers

Arm your company with one of the most powerful analytical suites on the market. The COBRA solution is designed to help you:


The specifics

High-tech hearing aids

Let IBM help you listen in on what consumers around the world are saying about you, your competitors and the industry at large, through our cutting-edge technology: