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IBM Collaboration Agenda for health plans

The challenge

Improve the way people interact

With all the changes occurring in the global healthcare system, now is the time to look at how people across the industry interact. Many roles within health plan organizations require interactions with several contact points. But people are limited by who they know and where they can find information—and often, these interactions take more time than they should. The result can be lower patient satisfaction, loss of members and decreases in revenue. The IBM® Collaboration Agenda™ for health plans can help you better connect members, providers and employees by examining how you can embed communications technologies into processes.


The solution

Establish a strategy for effective collaboration

How can your organization best confront the Internet-driven, instantly connected world in which we live today? The IBM Collaboration Agenda shows you how to look at collaboration as a strategic asset for your organization. We can help you examine each role within your organization to determine how collaboration technology can be embedded into processes to bring expertise, information and communication to your most valuable resource—your people. This can lead to more effective communication across your organization and with providers and members.

Implement instrumented processes that collect data from member services, billing, claims, provider relations and other areas of your organization and disseminate it to those who need it, when they need it. The IBM Collaboration Agenda can show you how to connect your staff, members and providers through systems and processes that enable the sharing of information on medical records, claims, risk levels and other vital data. By building a more effective strategy for collaboration, you gain more insight into your membership—who they are, what their risks are and what their needs are. You also build intelligence into your processes and interactions with members and providers, and across departments, enabling better and faster exchange of information.


The benefits

Become a more innovative organization

The IBM Collaboration Agenda can turn your health plan into an expertise-based organization by examining the connection between different roles, processes and the use of communication throughout your organization. We can help you become more dynamic, agile and connected, instituting the change you need to become a more innovative organization. The IBM Collaboration Agenda can help you:

  • Establish a strategy for effective collaboration throughout your organization, linking customer service representatives, case managers and other staff with the information and experts they need at the moment they need it.
  • Increase productivity to speed and improve responses to members and providers, which can lead to higher satisfaction and retention rates.
  • Embed communications technologies into the right processes by examining each role within your organization to determine where software and other technologies can best be utilized.


The specifics

Embed communications technologies into processes

You may have collaboration software in place already, but how can you use it most effectively? The IBM Collaboration Agenda team, with its deep industry expertise, can help you examine and explore:

  • How certain roles within your organization, such as case managers and contact center staff, can use instant messaging and other collaboration software to communicate more effectively in real time.
  • How social software, such as wikis and blogs, can be used to link staff with the experts and information they need to better serve providers and members.
  • How you can use Web portals to develop a single view of a member’s account, where staff can access their medical data, demographics, claims and all other information from one screen.
  • How Web portals can also empower members, providers and staff to access data and interact more effectively.
  • How case managers can use communications software for seamless, real-time information sharing to better research, communicate and manage risk.




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