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Master data integration for consumer products

The challenge

A need for trusted data

Untrustworthy data costs consumer products companies and their retailers dearly in lost revenues. Without trusted information based on a universally agreed to system of record-or master data-initiatives such as customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain optimization, enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations and compliance are jeopardized, inhibiting the ability to achieve business goals.


The solution

Delineate your application data

The master data integration solution from IBM enables your consumer products business to become more instrumented by facilitating the capture and containment of any type of data defined as consistent within your enterprise-including EPCIS codes, RFID tags and KPI metrics. The solution helps assure that your data is correct, complete and valid.

Our master data integration solution helps to interconnect different functions. It provides a common set of data, allowing the bi-directional exchange of data between applications while sustaining a variety of formats. The solution helps fulfill quality assurance requirements to support business intelligence and entity analytics solutions.

By separating the data from its application, your business can formulate new processes, procedures and offerings without impacting other applications, improving your ability to introduce new products.


The benefits

From the many, one

The master data integration solution can improve your ability to increase internal efficiencies, achieve global scale, optimize your business model and respond quickly to industry trends by:


The specifics

IBM technologies drive integration success

Powering master data integration from IBM are industry-leading technologies.