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Food traceability framework

The challenge

Do you know where that's been?

Beef. Peanut butter. Pet food. These are just some of the high-profile recalls the world has seen recently. Consumers worldwide are concerned-and rightly so. Is their food safe? And where did it come from? IBM offers food traceability solutions that lead the industry, delivering unprecedented value for those who seek to ensure the safety of food products.


The solution

Visibility from farm to fork

The food traceability framework from IBM takes an instrumented approach to your supply chain, as each asset is assigned a unique identifier. This could be a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag assigned to an animal, a barcode assigned to a package or an ID that represents the acre on which a crop was grown.

The product can then be scanned, sending data to the receiving service. The solution helps your supply chain infrastructure become more interconnected by enabling communication between service providers and service requesters, allowing you to route messages, convert protocols, transform data formats and handle events.

And finally, the framework provides an intelligent management system with dashboard services and strong reporting tools to accurately parse the real-time analytics delivered from the sensors.


The benefits

Feed your appetite for innovation

From manufacturing plants to transportation equipment, farming equipment to reusable containers, the food traceability framework offers a holistic approach to keeping food safe.


The specifics

The ingredients for safer, smarter food

With proven technologies, service model pricing and support for easy transition of data between partners, the food traceability framework from IBM delivers strong capabilities. The framework can include: