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Featured products case studies

European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS) delivers smarter systems of systems
See how Rational requirements engineering and enterprise architecture are helping EADS deliver systems of systems with faster time to market, lower risk and higher quality.

Eaton Corporation and UPS: Eaton develops smarter, more fuel-efficient systems
See how Rational Rhapsody, DOORS, ClearCase and ClearQuest are helping Eaton reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in UPS delivery vehicles with the world's first hydraulic hybrid delivery vehicle.

Brockwell Technologies uses predictive modeling for higher-quality weapons systems
IBM Rational Rhapsody helps improve reliability and safety and decreases time to market by 40 percent.

Diagnostic Grifols increases flexibility and compliance
IBM Rational solutions help the medical-device provider connect all development stages more effectively and improve collaboration among its teams.


Featured services case studies

Chart: Innovation requires companies to better understand customer needs. Source: 2010 IBM CEO Study.

Data feeds fans' grand slam passions
IBM is using data to create a better fan experience for the tennis and golf grand slams.

Chart: Innovation requires companies to better understand customer needs. Source: 2010 IBM CEO Study.

Protecting products and patients at GSMS
IBM’s track-and-trace solution puts GSMS ahead of the curve in pharmaceutical serialization.

Chart: Innovation requires companies to better understand customer needs. Source: 2010 IBM CEO Study.

Enterprise asset management for utilities
Sam Gibson of Northern Ireland Electricity speaks about using Maximo to manage substation assets to 750 million customers.

Chart: Innovation requires companies to better understand customer needs. Source: 2010 IBM CEO Study.

Reducing traffic and pollution in Stockholm
IBM helped the city of Stockholm reduce traffic by 22 percent and air pollution by 14 percent with a centralized data system.



Smarter products and services case studies

NYPD changes the crime control equation by transforming the way it uses information
"The NYPD's innovative policing strategies depend on our ability to gather, share and act on information. IBM-its people, partners and technology-have helped us redefine how information can be used to fight crime. "-James Onalfo, Chief Architect and CIO, NYPD

Threshold gives a new face to digital animation with an innovative, realtime process
"There's no time to sit on your laurels in the digital animation business-especially as an independent producer like us. We have chosen a path of continual innovation so we can do more with less. Our work with IBM is the bedrock of this strategy." -George Johnsen, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Animation Officer, Threshold Animation Studios

Pay By Touch: Revolutionizing retail through biometrics
Pay By Touch, a San Francisco-based service provider, is a company that has taken two existing technologies and combined them to create a new service that has the potential to fundamentally change the way consumers think about paying for goods and services. "The retail use is the initial foray, but think about it...once this technology gets to a certain penetration point, consumers will want to see it being used everywhere, and the technology lends itself to all sorts of different environments." -Ryan Ross, vice president of business development, Pay By Touch

Covanta offers new approach to address world's energy needs
Covanta operates more than 50 Energy-from-Waste (EfW) and biomass/biogas-fueled facilities in North America, Europe and Asia. "Last year alone, we realized a 10 percent reduction in total downtime hours (both scheduled and unscheduled) with a 22 percent reduction in unscheduled downtime." -Steve Toth Jr., CMRP, Vice President, Maintenance/Asset Reliability, Covanta Energy

Telenor pioneers a new way to bring the benefits of RFID to small and mid-sized companies (US)
Telenor is emerging as one of the world's fastest growing providers of mobile communications services, with approximately 130 million subscribers spread over 12 countries in Scandinavia, eastern Europe and Asia. "By enabling us to be the first Nordic telecom service provider to offer a hosted M2M service, IBM has helped us to open a new door for the rapid growth of the market." -Rolv-Erik Spilling, manager, Telenor Business Norway

Ricoh Americas Corporation Reins in enterprise printing device cost (US)
Ricoh designed an intelligent print monitoring and management system which analyzes usage patterns and enables managers to set policies for reducing costs and decreasing energy consumption.



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