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Solutions for more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent systems

Administrative solutions for education from IBM

Improving the quality of education. Increasing access. Reducing costs. In a time when funding is declining, educational institutions must continue to focus on these key challenges. Administrative solutions for education from IBM can help institutions improve performance and operational outcomes in a meaningful, efficient and transparent way.

Asset management for education

What began with a universal reader in a one-room schoolhouse has evolved into education organizations that manage the gamut of physical and IT assets from books to buses, cafeteria trays to computers. As facilities and equipment grow more complex and interconnected, schools need asset management to be more sophisticated too.

Campus solutions for higher education from IBM

Improve outcomes, find efficiencies and better manage data and IT resources—campus solutions for higher education can help your institution incorporate a broader use of cloud computing, virtualization, data analytics and other tools to enhance learning, research, interaction, networking and communication.

Classroom solutions for education from IBM

Classroom solutions from IBM make the most of your resources for greater impact on your students. Provide a smarter learning experience with a dynamic infrastructure that helps you look to the future of education.

Enterprise risk management for higher education

Take a proactive approach to managing risk across your organization. Insurance claims, frequency of incidents and credit ratings are all tied to your organization’s approach to risk management. IBM can help you uncover patterns to improve your risk management strategy.

Framework for smarter education from IBM

Our framework can provide comprehensive tools, analytics, services and systems to help improve educational outcomes by aligning student achievement with teacher accountability while driving transparency to key stakeholders.

IBM Business Analytics software for education

A complex world demands skilled and knowledgeable citizens. Yet schools still struggle to graduate students with the basics. Rising costs, shrinking funding, structural silos, little insight: all are factors. To find a smarter way, education is turning to technology to overcome these barriers and ensure students the learning they need to thrive and contribute.

IBM VCL Solutions for Cloud

Solutions designed help you plan, design and implement a campus cloud based on the award-winning Virtual Computing Lab (VCL) open-source software platform that can provide your end users with security-rich, cost-effective and location-independent access to computing, educational and software resources

Innovation in research

Basic and applied research, clinical studies and grant funds management all require an optimized infrastructure and a smarter approach to the processes that enable new discoveries and knowledge. Learn how getting smarter about research processes can lead to breakthroughs and economic development.

Kindergarten through workforce integration and reporting framework

States striving to support No Child Left Behind (NCLB) face major challenges in collecting, analyzing and reporting student achievement from kindergarten through to the workforce. State education departments must also integrate this data with information from other entities for a comprehensive view of services. IBM can help.

School solutions from IBM

Changes in technology, commerce, politics and demographics demand new approaches to teaching and learning. Education is a crucial element to success in the 21st century. IBM can help you build smarter schools with solutions for student performance, teacher training, low performing schools and school administration.


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