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Smarter communications

Communications providers do more than provide a dial tone. They connect and enable business. Here’s how they can be smarter.

IBM Idea Factory

The challenge

Spark innovative ideas for competitive advantage

Telecommunications service providers that collaborate effectively have been known to outperform the competition. IBM can help you make the most of Web 2.0 technologies—such as blogs, wikis, social tagging and surveys—to expand collaboration across your organization. Engage your partners, employees and customers in collaborative discussions to foster new ideas for innovative services that can drive new revenue and enhance the customer experience. IBM Idea Factory for telecommunications can help generate new ideas for innovative services that can give you a competitive edge.


The solution

Collaborate to innovate

Idea Factory integrates instrumented community features to gain insights into emerging communications trends. It develops services to support these trends, including profiles, wikis, polls, blogs, forums, surveys and communities. The solution packages Web 2.0 social networking technologies to better enable the creation of a collaborative, interconnected community that can foster new ideas for services innovation. Expand your service offerings based on intelligent insight funneled from internal and external sources, such as partners, customers and other potential collaborators. Idea Factory lets you take a smart approach to services innovation—starting with an idea, testing its feasibility with customers, launching a market trial, capturing customer feedback, implementing enhancements, and launching again (and again) until confidence in commercial success is high.


The benefits

Deliver what customers want

Idea Factory is designed to enable more effective collaboration, and help telecommunications service providers selectively and quickly increase offerings from dozens to hundreds. The solution provides a common and consistent framework that is designed to help your business:


The specifics

Expand collaboration with Web 2.0