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Bank fraud, money laundering and financial crime prevention

The challenge

Predicting and preventing financial crimes

Financial crimes threaten your organization at multiple points of vulnerability. Focusing on a single channel or line of business can hinder management visibility and allow fraud and money laundering to go undetected. A single, holistic management framework that integrates disparate detection systems with alert and case management can automate crime prevention, helping to protect your organization from the financial and reputational loss associated with financial crimes. Leveraging detection systems for both fraud prevention and detection and anti-money laundering (AML) processes helps reduce risk and improve analyst efficiency.


The solution

Implementing an integrated platform for increased visibility

IBM's services to help you address financial crimes include risk-monitoring, prevention, detection and remediation capabilities for your operational environment. Our services can provide an enterprisewide view of suspicious activity by implementing an integrated financial crime monitoring platform. We help you synthesize data into actionable intelligence that can enable more strategic decision making and help ease compliance management. You can leverage IBM's demonstrated expertise in risk management, AML initiatives and fraud prevention and detection for a more holistic approach to addressing financial crimes.


The benefits

Reducing risk and financial loss

Financial crime prevention services from IBM are designed to:


The specifics

Enabling crime prevention with financial crimes capabilities

With proven solution selection methodology and extensive experience implementing various risk-management and compliance applications, IBM helps banks and other financial institutions add risk-management capabilities to their operational environments. IBM financial crime prevention capabilities include:



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