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Corporate payments solutions for banks and financial markets

The challenge

Responding to dynamic market trends

As your corporate payments operations expand to meet the increasing demands of an evolving global marketplace, you need efficient payment processes that can help you increase revenues while adding value to payments. However, most existing corporate payment systems are fragmented, complex and inflexible. A lack of simplified payment processes can lead to operational inefficiency and risks and may drive up costs. Further, an inability to respond to changing market trends, such as demand for customized services, can prevent you from achieving greater customer satisfaction.


The solution

Consolidated and centralized operations

Corporate payments solutions from IBM can help you transform your corporate payments infrastructure to become more flexible and efficient. Our solutions can integrate information and processes across your bank’s silos and help you consolidate, standardize and centralize your operations. By using the near-real-time analytics capability, you can improve your business agility and decision making and expand your customer base. In addition, our process models are designed to reduce manual and redundant processes, help you increase margins and better manage risk.


The benefits

Adding value to payments systems

Our comprehensive solutions—based on open standards and modern design principles—can help you:


The specifics

Leveraging banking best practices

Corporate payments solutions from IBM leverage the IBM Banking Industry Framework to address core banking transformation, payments and securities, integrated risk management and customer care and insights domains. The framework provides a banking-specific software platform with prebuilt solution accelerators to help speed deployment as well as best practices and business-specific usage patterns to help reduce risk. Our solutions focus on the following payments and securities project areas:

  1. Regulatory compliance
  2. SWIFTNet Modernization
  3. Payments process efficiency
  4. Corporate services
  5. Retail payments
  6. Digital payments conversion



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