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Business analytics for smarter payments in banking

The challenge

Driving growth and improving performance

With challenges such as increasing volumes, rising competition, ever-evolving regulatory requirements, rapid technological changes, threats of financial crimes and more complex customer needs, payments institutions need to develop innovative business models to drive growth and improve performance. To enable such agile business models, they need enhanced insight into the customer relationship as well as an enterprisewide view of payment flows, revenues, costs, risks and liquidity positions.


The solution

An insight-enabled payments infrastructure

The wide range of advanced analytics and payments solutions from IBM can help you build a modular, insight-enabled payments infrastructure that can bring greater agility and dexterity to your payments business. Our solutions and services allow you to use your payments data to better generate actionable insights, predict events and embed responses. By implementing this capability across virtually all payment types, we can support key business objectives including financial performance management; cost reduction; fraud mitigation; better customer service; new revenue generation; more accurate pricing; operational effectiveness and business continuity; and improved governance, risk and compliance management.


The benefits

Revenue generation and business optimization

Our solutions help provide faster, more predictive insights across virtually all payment types for a complete view of the customers and their financial exposures. We help you leverage these insights for improved customer service, revenue generation, business optimization, and risk and compliance management. Our solutions can enable a more flexible, security-rich and cost-efficient payments infrastructure and help support business change.


The specifics

Integrated payments and analytics platforms

Our advanced analytics and payments solutions help you leverage integrated payments and analytics platforms, accelerators, and expertise to generate more business value through actionable insight, revenue growth, risk and compliance management, and cost reduction. We offer:



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