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Cloud computing for financial services

The challenge

Stay aloft in challenging times

In a troubled economy, financial services companies are pushed to boost their efficiency and trim waste. But chances are, your current IT infrastructure—despite enormous advances in computing power—is already under severe stress from today's computing tasks, and could easily become overwhelmed by the onrushing complexity and unprecedented financial data generated by so many instrumented and interconnected devices, objects, processes and people.


The solution

Fuel innovation with cloud computing

Cloud computing offers a smarter alternative to current IT delivery models. Applications and services are not tethered to specific hardware components. Instead, processing is handled across a distributed, globally accessible network of resources, which are dispensed on demand as a service.

Cloud computing for financial services from IBM can transform virtually any access point into an instrumented tool of productivity—whether it's your desktop or notebook computer, over the Internet or through your corporate intranet, or via a mobile device. Because the user can be anywhere, so can the source for data and applications. This interconnected infrastructure offers storage, virtualization, networking and built-in service management systems, all culminating in an intelligent, services-based infrastructure in which you pay for what you use, scale as you grow and still achieve the massive computing performance financial services organizations require.


The benefits

Buy only what you need and grow in real time

The operational and cost efficiencies made possible by the fundamental attributes of cloud computing include:


The specifics

Customize the cloud you need

Cloud computing brings together the foundational building blocks of technology and skills that IBM has defined, refined and delivered for decades. To this end, we assembled the IBM Smart Business portfolio, with several featured IBM cloud offerings.



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