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Social Business

People don’t do business with companies.
People do business with people.
Here is why―and how—to become a Social Business.

Solutions for more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent systems

How does a business become a social business? IBM has identified a foundational set of capabilities that—when implemented as a whole—can allow your business to become more social. To socially enable your workforce, customer care and insight processes and product and service innovation areas you need to consider how you Reach, Engage, Discover and Act when adapting to a societal business approach for your respective business areas.

Reach people where they live and work

  • Connect through identities on consumer, B2B and corporate social networks
  • Communicate on the associated channels
  • Strategic technologies: social networks, identity systems, communication, channels

Enable people to engage productively in a business context

  • Develop personal insights and collective intelligence
  • Facilitate emergent processes
  • Strategic technologies: engagement applications, social connectors, content services

Monitor and analyse social data to discover new business insights

  • Analyse identities, social graphs, communication channels and social content
  • Identify opportunities, problems, solutions, valuations, etc.
  • Strategic technologies: social analytics, social monitoring, optimisation

Act on insight for business advantage

  • Integrate social capabilities into the enterprise in order to act on new opportunities, make better decisions, optimise processes in real time, and govern and manage risk
  • Strategic technologies: process management, information integration, governance, risk and security solutions, solution lifecycle, management