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Smarter Commerce
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Demand has never been more demanding.
See how smarter commerce can help you stay ahead.

Learn how an integrated platform helped Shurtape reduce onboarding time for new suppliers from months to weeks.

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Learn how automating interactions with suppliers based on customer behavior can help reduce shortages and improve efficiency.

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Learn how Smarter Commerce helps synchronize the entire value chain to deliver consistent and predictable outcomes.

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Learn how to connect better with today’s customers by empowering them to shop and share in person, online or through their favorite social network.

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By 2014, more than 3 billion people will be able to shop on a mobile device—are you ready to sell to them?

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Staples achieved personalized selling and created a faster, simpler shopping experience for its online customers.

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Learn how to deliver consistently excellent service throughout today's increasingly complex supply chains and partner networks.

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Learn how XO Communications achieved a 376% ROI by using predictive analytics to manage customer churn.

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Learn how IBM solutions can help you collaborate with your partners to resolve customer service issues at any point on the supply chain.

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See how Citrix used next-generation analytics to improve click-through 200%, increase conversion 1900% and cut cost-per-conversion 80%.

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Learn how to gain deep customer insights from online interactions and use them to drive engagement across multiple channels.

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We spoke with more than 1,700 CMOs in 19 industries about the challenges and opportunities of marketing in a connected era. Here's what they had to say.

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Featured case studies

The Irish Dairy Board streamlines its real-time supply chain to enhance its global business market of hundreds of suppliers and customers.

ING increases average campaign response rates and expects to reduce its direct marketing costs by 35 percent per year.

Leading brands optimize their online marketing to present the best offer every time, anywhere, automatically.

1-800-FLOWERS.COM provides an innovative shopping experience, while scaling to meet holiday transaction spikes.

XO Communications uses analytics to predict customer behavior, increase customer retention and retain subscription revenues.


Crocs achieves near-100 percent fill rates on Internet orders through planning and reserving all inventory by channel.

SXC Health Solutions creates a reliable platform for interaction with all facets of the pharmaceutical supply chain.

J. J. Keller & Associates personalises the B2B online buying experience, growing average conversion rates by over 13%.

Staples achieves personalised selling, anticipating increased conversion and retention rates

True Value decreases lead-time variability, increases fill rates and reduces lost sales with enhanced supply chain visibility.