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IBM Maximo provides hands on, realtime visibility into the operations of the location, which includes 7,000 rooms in three towers. Watch the video.


City within a city: IBM Maximo helps build a smarter Venetian Resort

The grand corridors, luxury shops and expansive conferences spaces of the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, make it a destination for millions people every year. But it takes a serious amount of resources to offer these experiences, including 46 million gallons of water a month and enough electrical capacity to run 25,000 homes.


IBM and Johnson Controls make buildings smarter

Since 1885, Johnson Controls has fostered an ongoing spirit of innovation. Now, Johnson Controls and IBM will team up to provide a Smart Building Solution that can improve operations and reduce energy and water consumption in buildings worldwide.

  • Energy waste detection, reporting and intelligent control capabilities with the potential to drive between 10% and 20% energy savings across an enterprise.
  • Integration of building systems, business systems and smart grid technologies for increased information on the performance of buildings to reduce operating costs and keep occupants safe, comfortable and productive.
  • Calculated greenhouse gas levels through measurement, management and forecast activities related to energy cost, consumption, energy efficiency projects, fleet emissions and waste.

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