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Solutions for more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent systems

Corporate brand and reputation analysis for consumer products and retail

Your brand's reputation is critical to selling your products. It's also highly vulnerable to the powerful influence of social media: blogs, message boards, Twitter, news groups. Let IBM help you monitor online buzz about your company—and your competitors—to protect your brand and help you give consumers what they want.

Energy performance management for retail

How can retailers "go green" and why does it matter? One way to start is by controlling energy usage. Initiatives to improve energy performance management can help achieve this goal while increasing efficiency and extending asset life. Retailers can reduce costs, fuel growth and attract consumers by improving brand image.

IBM Single View of Customer for retail

The IBM Single View of Customer solution for retail provides a 360-degree view of your customers' needs, preferences, buying trends and propensities. The solution aggregates customer information from across the retail enterprise into a single hub, then it applies advanced analytics to help you gain important customer insights.

Indirect procurement for retail

The indirect procurement solution for retail from IBM provides information and visibility into non-merchandise spending, and the controls and ability to aggregate spending on a global basis. This can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and standardise and automate processing.

Multi-channel order management for retail

Allow customers to interact with your retail business through multiple channels without sacrificing convenience, continuity or consistency of the experience. The multi-channel order management solution can help ensure that consistent information about stock levels, orders and fulfillment options is available across all channels.

Multi-channel workbench and analytics for retail

Shifting customer behavior requires the ability to understand how buying habits related to one channel contribute to another channel. The multi-channel workbench and analytics solution provides a short on-ramp to gaining insights into cross-channel performance and customer behavior using multi-channel metrics and indicators.

Next generation e-commerce

Transform inflexible, single-channel retail Web sites into an integrated, smarter selling environment that includes all of your sales channels to create a seamless shopping experience. The next generation e-commerce solution integrates multiple consumer touch points for a smarter approach to managing your customer relationships.

Product information and attribute management for retail

Product information is fundamental to merchandising, assortment planning, supply chain, and Web and store applications—as well as customer buying decisions. Yet data input is prone to inconsistency and error. The result can be lost sales, lower margins and decreased productivity. Our solution can help.

Retail performance analytics

Performance dashboards, retail-specific analytics and superior data warehousing support smarter strategic and operational actions. The retail performance analytics solution provides the tools you need to integrate customer information, fostering real-time decision making to drive sales in a complex shopping environment.

Store managed services

The store managed services solution from IBM is designed to help retailers integrate their business and store operations in support of dynamic business demands. This can increase the efficiency and performance of in-store technology, returning improved operating margins and lower selling, general and administrative expenses (SG&A).