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Smarter Telecom

Demand is skyrocketing for more and smarter ways to communicate. Can we keep up?

Solutions for more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent systems

Billing and customer care for telecommunications

The relationship between you and your customer is crucial to maintaining a competitive advantage in a world that is growing smaller and more interconnected. A single view of your customer across multiple billing, customer care systems and call centres can help you provide a coherent, quality service experience based on actual customer intelligence.

IBM Business Analytics software for telecommunications providers

Communications service providers are experiencing a revolution, and information is at the heart of it. With IBM® Business Analytics software, service providers are taking advantage of this new wealth of information to help monitor, predict and prevent subscriber churn, find new revenue streams, and gain visibility into financial and operational performance.

IBM Idea Factory

The Internet has evolved into an interactive and participatory environment with Web 2.0. Telecommunications service providers are recognizing collaboration and partnering as key drivers of innovation. Put Web 2.0 functionality into action with IBM Idea Factory, and connect your business and your customers for better services.

IBM Service Provider Delivery Environment

Accelerate service innovation and shorten your development cycle for new applications. The IBM® Service Provider Delivery Environment (SPDE) can help you optimise operations to enable business process flexibility. And it can help differentiate the customer experience through integrated visibility, control and automation.

Intelligent site operations for telecommunications

The intelligent site operations solution for telecommunications from IBM integrates management of your mobile network passive infrastructure into your active network management and applies business intelligence to operations and energy use. Our goal: to help you improve services and operations while saving money and energy.

Order-to-cash for telecommunications

Every customer interaction generates new data that can impact your fulfillment and billing systems. Siloed processes can impede your business from achieving a complete and accurate customer master record. When eroding margins are a challenge, making your order-to-cash process smarter and more streamlined can help your bottom line.

OSS/BSS integration for telecommunications

The OSS/BSS integration solution for telecommunications from IBM is an innovative approach to OSS/BSS transformation that uses IBM best practices and proven methodologies, IBM middleware supporting dynamic SOA, and solution accelerators to speed implementation and reduce risk.

Service assurance and fulfillment for telecommunications

The service assurance and fulfillment solution for telecommunications from IBM aligns your business and operational systems across network performance, event management, service provisioning, inventory, and other service assurance and fulfillment functions for improved service delivery and maintenance.

Service assurance for communications

In the competitive communications industry, customer satisfaction is the ultimate metric of success. The surest path to a strong bottom line is assuring that customers receive the highest service quality. Service assurance solutions for communications from IBM can help you deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Service innovation for telecommunications

From video on demand to IP and Internet TV, your infrastructure needs the scalability to deliver. IBM offers a service delivery platform to promote a consistent delivery and management environment for services, applications and content across multiple access networks and devices.