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Manage risk fraud and regulatory compliance

With IBM Smarter Analytics, you can gain a holistic view of risk, fraud and compliance information across your organisation.

Corporate failures from fraud result in massive losses to shareholders. Poor risk management capabilities lead to poor decision making and high costs. And organisations throughout many industries struggle to comply with escalating regulations. In this environment, risk, fraud and compliance management must be pervasive throughout your organisation’s culture and operating model. But the insight you need is likely hampered by fragmented data and segregated systems, leading to poor insight, inconsistent reporting and an expensive infrastructure.


Manage risk and minimise losses stemming from fraud

Make risk-aware business decisions

  • Gain visibility into the key risks in your business.

  • Base decisions on a realtime understanding of incremental risks.

  • Model risk exposures, risk return and capital allocation.

Identify and mitigate threats

  • Monitor structured and unstructured data from multiple sources.

  • Employ an agile investigation process to deal with criminal behaviour.

  • Identify threats, information breaches and crime sooner.

  • Deliver the best response to maximise the impact of any action taken.

Detect and prevent fraud

  • Monitor transactions in realtime across multiple channels.

  • Detect patterns that suggest suspicious behaviour.

  • Evaluate new and existing customers against watch lists.

  • Take action to reduce exposure or loss.

Improve compliance management

  • Take an integrated approach to operational risk and compliance.

  • Automate governance, risk and compliance processes to improve efficiencies.

  • Practice defensible disposal of data that has no business value or legal obligation.