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Mobile banking

The challenge

Too many cards, receipts, and coupons

Wouldn’t it be easy if customers could pay for everything with the one thing they always have in their pocket—their mobile devices? And what if instead of clipping coupons, customers received tailored offers that were simple to redeem the moment they walked into a store? Or if loyalty program information could be accessed and used easily, without fumbling for cards? What’s necessary is a smarter wallet to manage the entire shopping experience—whether online or in a store.


The solution

A more rewarding shopping experience

Mobile banking solutions from IBM are enabling financial institutions and retailers to become more instrumented by supporting the transformation of mobile devices into “smart wallets.” By interconnecting the consumer’s account with retailer systems through their mobile devices, the customer to securely pay for goods and services without swiping a card or handing it to a cashier. They can also use their smarter wallet both online and in stores to pay for purchases with cash, credit or loyalty points. By having access to comparative product data, information about where to find the best prices, and valuable coupons that are delivered directly to their smart device, consumers are able to make more intelligent choices about where they shop and what they buy.


The benefits

A safer, more intelligent wallet

Mobile banking solutions from IBM can help give consumers the flexibility and ease of payment that they want, while also helping:

  • Banks reduce fraud and deliver a richer and safer online banking experience.
  • Retailers increase revenue, profitability and loyalty.
  • Consumer product groups replace expensive paper coupons with e-coupons that can eliminate costly backend processing and deliver targeted offers with pinpoint accuracy.
  • All players participate in customer-managed relationships that provide tailored experiences for more effective promotion, bigger share of wallet, and better margins


The specifics

Instrumented and interconnected systems that strengthen customer relationships

A smart mobile device becomes a smart wallet when it is enabled for near field communication (NFC). IBM helped invent NFC, including the cryptography that keeps it secure. Smart wallets also need a trusted service manager (TSM) to enable them. IBM CoreSCMS (Smart Card Management System), which already powers mobile payments, provides the platform to enable trusted service management.

Additional mobile banking solutions which extend the value and capability of smart wallets include:

  • IBM® WebSphere® Mobile Portal, a device-independent development platform which allows banks and retailers to write once and render over multiple devices and applications.
  • Micro location-based services that allow information, services and applications to be delivered in a variety of locations.
  • IBM Master Data Management (MDM), the first multi-domain, multi-function MDM product in the market, packaged to address all types of MDM implementations.



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