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Smarter Money

Ones and zeroes can help the world be smarter
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Solutions for more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent systems

Account opening for banking

Transform your account opening process by offering an exciting customer experience built around customer information and insight delivered through a continuous, multichannel experience. Generate higher revenues while reducing your account opening costs. IBM can help.

Anti-money laundering investigations, alert modeling and analytics

IBM offers an intelligent way to outsource selected financial crimes prevention activities to support your in-house anti-money laundering operations. Our solution allows you to access a single, comprehensive, near real-time repository of resolved and related identities and networks of associates.

Cloud computing for financial services

Cloud computing provides a platform for optimising financial services operations while creating and delivering the kind of innovative services that differentiate and propel your business forward. It is agility that will be the lifeblood of successful financial enterprises going forward, and cloud computing is one way of gaining that agility.

Compliance information lifecycle management solution for financial services

Compliance guidelines are growing in numbers and complexity. Financial institutions must manage both structured and unstructured information from its genesis through classification and archiving, while meeting strict regulations. IBM can help you find the right middle ground between keeping too little and too much data.

Core banking application modernisation

Banks in today's economy have realised the need to be more customer-centric. To achieve this, a simpler, more strategic core infrastructure is needed. Core banking application modernisation from IBM offers a smarter approach: transition to modern applications in stages with near-term payback, and less risk and disruption.

Core systems transformation for banking

Significant forces are disrupting the banking landscape: increasing regulation, new technologies, competition from non-traditional players, and mergers and divestitures are just a few. Transforming your core systems can help you grow revenue, increase efficiency, improve resiliency and reduce risk in today's market.

Credit analytics for financial services

There is risk—and then there is smart risk. IBM can help banks become smarter about risk, understand industry-wide impacts, generate more revenue, build meaningful relationships and make more accurate lending decisions.

IBM Banking Customer Care and Insight Solution

Your customers want personalised products and services. They expect—even demand—high-quality service regardless of the channel. Banks that can transform data into actionable information using smart analytics and performance monitoring, while creating better customer experiences, will win in the marketplace. IBM can help.

IBM Business Analytics for banking

The path to stronger performance requires smarter software and systems. Learn how IBM® Business Analytics are helping banks operate more efficiently and gain deeper insight into markets, operations, risk and customer relationships.

IBM Scalable Architecture for Financial Reporting

Finance transformation starts with systems transformation. IBM offers an effective framework to help you manage millions of individual customer and contract ledger entries—each described by hundreds of required attributes—for today's financial reporting.

IT security infrastructure solutions

Do you have the processes and technologies in place to safeguard your systems, applications and information? IT security infrastructure solutions from IBM can help you manage risk across your extended enterprise, improving your service and reducing the cost of creating security without compromise.

Mobile banking

Mobile banking solutions from IBM give consumers payment options that can adapt to their digital lifestyles, while also providing banks and retailers with options to strengthen consumer relationships, improve business operations, reduce costs and improve profitability.

Operational risk management for financial services

Transform, optimise and adapt your approach to risk management. Enable compliance. Improve your reputation. Maintain flexible, resilient systems. Our portfolio of operational risk management solutions can effectively support your institution's processes and systems to manage and control risk and turn it to your advantage.

Stream computing for financial services

Intelligence is insight waiting to happen. Stream computing delivers real-time value for smarter decision making.


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