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Smarter Cities

Safe neighborhoods. Quality schools. Affordable housing.
Traffic that flows. It's all possible.

Global events

Rio 2011
Senior government and business leaders discussed how to encourage economic development, modernize infrastructures and transform cities to create a new urban model.

Santiago 2010
The SmarterCities forum met in Chile to explore 21st-century solutions for society, safety and economics with experts from Latin America and beyond.

Shanghai 2010
Nearly 800 civic, business and academic leaders met in China's leading industrial, financial and commercial center to explore the many ways cities need to get smart.

New York 2009
When 500 leaders from 25 countries met in New York, they became the experts, meeting in peer-to-peer exchange, best-practice sharing and brainstorming.

Berlin 2009
City leaders from 30 European countries met at the first Smarter Cities forum to talk about pioneering innovations such as integrating core systems for more effective operations.