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Airport Operations Management Systems solution from IBM (en inglés)

The challenge

Real-time information sharing and collaboration

As airport information systems extend across multiple service providers, real-time coordination and collaboration are critical. Implementing multiple point systems designed to meet specific work areas can increase complexity while decreasing your ability to coordinate and respond to real-time events. You need a solution that can not only meet point requirements but that can also provide a sustainable basis for continuous operational improvements, reduce costs, add new capacity and meet compliance demands.


The solution

Point systems integration and interoperability

The Airport Operations Management Systems solution from IBM delivers a suite of application offerings to help address the information system needs of airports. Using time-tested methodologies and best practices, we can help you bring together disparate point systems from multiple providers into a security-rich, integrated environment that addresses resource planning, passenger experience and asset management. These solutions, combined with the systems integration capability of IBM, can help you establish a strong foundation of operational flexibility, nondisruptive capacity growth and a unique ability to optimize costs.


The benefits

Managing complexity and enhancing operational efficiency

Our Airport Operations Management Systems solution can help airport operators:

  • Manage complexity and enhance metrics value by integrating operations applications into a single environment
  • Improve efficiency and passenger experience by enhancing end-to-end process performance
  • Speed response time to airport resource management and future mandates with improved metrics


The specifics

Providing a scalable foundation to address your information system needs

Our solution helps airport operators bring together disparate point systems from multiple providers into a more security-rich, integrated environment to enable near-real-time information sharing and event response. The solution uses service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Smart Airport Enabler—an aviation standards-based methodology and corresponding set of standard airport operating procedures—complemented by a highly configurable integration layer applicable to one or more airports in a single instance. We offer airports core planning and execution systems for resource management and flight information display, supported from a central airport operational database. The Airport Operations Management Systems solution addresses:

  • Airport operations systems, including airport operational database, revenue management, flight information display, baggage management, cargo management and common-use check-in systems
  • Airport-specific enterprise resource planning systems for aviation billing systems
  • Security systems, such as video surveillance
  • Passenger-experience solutions, including common-use kiosks and information kiosks and a mobile enablement platform
  • Infrastructure for data, voice and wireless solutions
  • Customized enterprise service bus for airports
  • Business analytics and optimization and asset management