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Smart metering and beyond (en inglés)

The challenge

Light the way to smarter energy

Utilities face mounting pressure to streamline their operations and enable consumers to manage their own consumption. Utility meters are a vital source of information about resource usage, but the data within them is often difficult and costly to collect. Leveraging state-of-the-art systems that automate data collection and link meters with network infrastructure can mean substantial enterprise savings—and better energy management for consumers.


The solution

No more reading. Now it's a conversation.

Smart metering and beyond from IBM is one way to help transform the way electricity is generated, transmitted, distributed and managed. Instead of meter readers making rounds on a monthly cycle, a smart meter system takes an instrumented approach, automatically collecting and transporting the reads at regular intervals or on demand. By using digital sensors, advanced communications networks and analytics, utilities can understand demand in near real time.

The solution can help your utility become more interconnected, integrating data across your enterprise to dramatically improve productivity, reduce peak demand, meet regulatory responsibilities head-on and empower your customers to conserve.

Overall, the solution adds a layer of intelligence throughout the grid to enhance system reliability and efficiency, improve management of supply and demand, optimize operations and streamline costs.


The benefits

Drive operational excellence by improving management

The smart metering solution can help your energy or utility company:


The specifics

Simplify the complexity of power

The smart metering and beyond solution from IBM may include the following components: