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Administrative solutions for education from IBM (en inglés)

The challenge

It's time to rethink key processes

In the current economic downturn, traditional cost management strategies are not enough. Educational institutions must rethink key processes and consider smarter approaches to reduce operational costs in order to direct more resources to instruction and research. Investments in education must be focused on ensuring lasting transformation. Administrative solutions for education from IBM can help educational institutions position themselves for the future.


The solution

A connected, dynamic educational institution

Financial systems with alerts. Video surveillance and security systems with rules-driven alerts. Energy management systems with sensors. Smarter administration can be accomplished with an instrumented solution, using sensors and alerts to collect and monitor operational data directly from originating sources anywhere on campus.

Our administrative solutions are also interconnected, linking functions across the educational system through the use of the interoperable assets of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The solutions provide dashboard management tools that give administrators a comprehensive view of performance across a single campus, or a set of multiple locations. With this intelligence, administrators can get a clear view of financial, environmental, risk, safety and preparedness performance to make more informed decisions.


The benefits

The value of smart administration

Our administrative solutions can unlock the value of information for better outcomes in your educational system by:


The specifics

Solutions with impact

Our administrative solutions deliver results through: