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Smarter Cities

Smart growth can lead to safe neighbours, quality schools, affordable housing and traffic that flows. It’s all possible.

Cities: Our journey to a smarter future

Welcome to ‘Cities: Our journey to a smarter future’, a collection of videos examining the challenges facing UK and Irish cities today.

Hear from experts and those involved in creating the change necessary to help our cities deliver the services, safety and infrastructure our citizens need.

Watch the films, share them with a friend and let us know your thoughts. Is your city ready for the challenges that lie ahead?

The Smarter City

View the latest three Smarter City films and hear the views of Rashik Parmar, CTO & Distinguished Engineer (IBM), Lynn Ferguson, Local Public Services Executive (IBM) and Trevor Gibson, Director of Environmental Strategy Opportunity, Peterborough.

IBM Helps Zhenjiang Build a Smarter City. Watch the video. IBM Helps Zhenjiang Build a Smarter City. Watch the video.

In China, the City of Zhenjiang (US) is using an Intelligent Operations Centre to monitor and help transform its public transportation system.

IBM helps Malta become a smart grid pioneer. Watch the video. IBM helps Malta become a smart grid pioneer. Watch the video.

The Mediterranean island nation of Malta (US) became a smart grid pioneer, working with IBM to update electric meters, water meters and IT operations. As a result, Malta is becoming more self-sufficient and sustainable, and is a model for transforming the entire energy value change.


A vision of Smarter Cities

Making cities more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent isn't only about overcoming the challenges they face. It also recognises that cities provide us with some of the greatest opportunities for making the planet smarter, too.

Cities symbolise and centralise so many aspects of what will make for a smarter planet: smarter education, smarter healthcare, smarter water and energy use, smarter public safety, smarter transportation, and smarter public services ... to name but a few.

A new report from the IBM Institute for Business Value, "A Vision of Smarter Cities," makes the case that cities must use new technologies to transform their systems to optimise the use of finite resources. As sustainability for cities and the planet becomes ever more important, the question isn't whether cities will do this; the question is: Which ones are doing it first? And who will do it best?

Smarter Cities for smarter growth

In the twenty-first century, growth, economic value and competitive differentiation of cities will increasingly be derived from people and their skills, creativity and knowledge, as well as the capacity of the economy to create and absorb innovation. To compete in this new economic environment, cities will need to better apply advanced information technology, analytics and systems thinking to develop a more citizen-centric approach to services. By doing so, they can better attract, create, enable and retain their citizens’ skills, knowledge and creativity.

Moving citizens in the Smarter City

The latest White Paper by Frost & Sullivan is entitled "Moving citizens in the Smarter City - using a framework approach to plan intelligent transportation systems, strategies and implement solutions."

Beyond the Boundaries

The Centre for Cities is an independent, non-partisan research and policy institute that IBM have been partnering with. This new report 'Beyond the Boundaries', written in partnership with IBM, looks at why cross-boundary collaboration matters and what this means for local enterprise partnerships.