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Location awareness and safety for chemicals and petroleum

The challenge

So many assets, one watchful eye

Chemicals and petroleum companies need to ensure the safety of their employees, contractors and on-site visitors. Personnel are often exposed to highly flammable or corrosive materials, not to mention industrial equipment that is subject to human error. In emergency situations, it may be difficult to locate all employees. Your business needs real-time tracking that accounts for people and physical assets, not only to build consumer confidence, but to meet safety standards and comply with emergency response regulations. IBM can help by providing location awareness and safety solutions that use the latest remote asset monitoring technology to help chemicals and petroleum companies gain virtual real-time visibility to improve safety and asset management.


The solution

Visibility that saves lives

Collect live tracking data with smarter instrumentation. Detect the locations of personnel and assets with real-time asset monitoring. By inserting smart chips into identification badges and asset tags, movement can be monitored in a non-intrusive way. Locations can be detected throughout large areas with multiple levels or complex layouts. All entry or exit traffic in restricted areas can be monitored by local tag readers. Overall, your organization can become more instrumented, gathering data from all points.

Integrated intelligence tells rescuers where to look for missing employees during emergencies. The IT infrastructure distributes the live data at all levels of the organization. It gives rescuers the visibility needed for managing emergency situations. With radio frequency identification (RFID) readers deployed on mobile handsets, people can be located quickly. Precaution planning becomes more intelligent, as maps, floor plans and facility layouts are on hand. And professionals get the information they need to make smarter, faster decisions so strategic recovery plans may be executed quickly.


The benefits

New security abilities

IBM technology delivers safety and value by making security operations smarter. During emergency situations you'll see the difference this solution makes by:

  • Watching employee, contractor and visitor movement through potentially dangerous zones.
  • Isolating personnel and rescuer locations during emergencies by matching signals from identification badges to site plan coordinates.
  • Amplifying rescue efforts and preventing additional problems with fast evacuations enabled by live tracking.


The specifics

A tailored solution

When helping our clients select the right tools, we deliver a comprehensive plan that provides new capabilities and results. A tailored solution may include RFID badges worn by employees in key areas or RFID receivers that verify personnel authorization in restricted zones. The technology gives immediate alerts when safety or security areas are breached, while flexible zone permissions can be edited according to fluctuations in an area's elevated or lowered security status. IBM remote asset monitoring also increases operational efficiency and security. Routine maintenance is enabled as equipment and tools are easier to transport throughout the facility. Or, you can assign varying levels of area clearance to individuals, and track the usage of high-value assets.

Our location and awareness solutions offer chemicals and petroleum companies a comprehensive set of business consulting services that comply with chemicals and petroleum regulations, and are carried out by some of the IT industry's most trusted advisors. In addition, IBM and our IBM Business Partners deliver the location awareness and safety solutions using components which are integrated to work together as a whole. Components may include:

  • IBM® WebSphere® RFID Premises Server and device infrastructure.
  • IBM WebSphere Portal, which offers a single point of personalized interaction with applications, content, processes and people.
  • IBM Workplace solutions, which are designed to provide "short-cuts" for creating a high-performance, role-based work environment and help accelerate time to value.
  • Ultra-wideband asset location systems, RFID, and sensor and actuator products from IBM Business Partners.