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Cloud computing, virtualization and student data analytics can make our systems smarter

IBM Academic Performance and Insights

The challenge

Better predict future outcomes

Improving graduation rates and making sure students are poised to be successful at the next level requires early knowledge of a student’s learning trajectory and insights into indicators that can signal future performance. But, because data is often stored in different systems, schools and their governing districts can have difficulty gathering, analyzing and reporting on data internally or externally. Academic institutions need the ability to integrate all of a student’s information into a single reporting system that is accessible to everyone with responsibility for student success so analysis on that information can be performed.


The solution

Make optimized decisions that focus on student achievement

The IBM Academic Performance and Insights solution, part of the IBM Business Analytics Portfolio, is designed to help you apply powerful analytical capabilities on integrated data that is sourced from your established academic tracking and transactional applications. Using advanced analytics capabilities, including predictive analytics, the solution can help educators develop metrics and detailed reports to quickly understand current and projected student performance. This can help educational institutions gain greater insights, identify potential problems and address local, state and federal mandates.

By combining and analyzing various data dimensions with predefined dashboards, educational institutions can see the cause and effect of performance results. The solution can help analyze patterns such as repeated absences and disciplinary actions so educators can establish intervention strategies and get students back on track for learning. And historical data tracking can show how these results are trending over time. With this quantifiable information, teachers and administrators can identify the classroom and students that are succeeding—or struggling—and take steps to share practices and programs that can help improve performance.


The benefits

Manage performance data

The IBM Academic Performance and Insights solution can help simplify the process of obtaining insights into students’ academic performance so educators can identify strategies for improvement. To this end, educators can modify the solution’s prepackaged education reports without much assistance from an IT department. Then, using a secure web connection and role-based access, educational institutions, administrators, educators—and even parents—can quickly and easily:


The specifics

Tools for deeper insight

The IBM Academic Performance and Insights solution is built on:

Adding additional reporting and analytics capabilities is straightforward because the Cognos and SPSS software foundation is established with the initial solution implementation. For example, Cognos Mobile provides easy access to reports and dashboards with mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Cognos TM1® provides capabilities for either financial or operational planning activities.