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Smarter communications

Communication providers do more than provide a dial tone. They connect and enable business. Here's how they can be smarter.

OSS/BSS integration for telecommunications

The challenge

Speed implementation. Mitigate risk.

Communication service providers (CSPs) are challenged by the need to grow revenue, improve time to market, and improve operational efficiency while reducing cost. CSPs must innovate and be agile to win—and optimized operations support systems and business support systems (OSS/BSS) are vital to future success. The OSS/BSS integration solution for telecommunications from IBM can help you drive costs out of your operations and provide an agile environment for new and innovative revenue-producing services.


The solution

Rapid delivery environment

With nearly 1 trillion connected devices in the world, smarter communications is a must. A flexible OSS/BSS environment is critical to manage the explosion of data this creates and support the new types of services required for a smarter planet. This flexibility can enable efficient processes for the provisioning and activation of new services with a common product catalog, unified network and service inventory, and the activation of a broad range of information technology platforms and network elements. Our solution can help you gain an interconnected view of your business with a production-ready integration architecture that includes pre-developed connectors to a set of OSS/BSS applications. It creates a standards-compliant integration framework that allows legacy and new systems to interoperate and provides the opportunity to select best-in-class vendor applications. Ultimately, the solution provides an OSS/BSS environment with intelligent capabilities to help simplify your business processes by using policy-driven dynamic selection of the appropriate OSS/BSS application.


The benefits

Allow old and new systems to interoperateAllow old and new systems to interoperate

The OSS/BSS integration solution can help meet business requirements by eliminating the steps that used to be required to support new services. The solution can help you:


The specifics

Tools to support the entire SOA Lifecycle

The OSS/BSS integration solution is based on IBM's telecommunications software framework, the IBM® Service Provider Delivery Environment (SPDE), incorporating information technology and telecommunications standards. Solution components can include: